• Revenga Ingenieros has developed a traveler information management system based on teleindicators, monitors and RiPublic screens.
  • Manual and automatic support information.
  • Our public address systems make use of equipment on the market and provides management of the same via IP networks:
    • Management system
    • Operator post
    • Local control unit of the station
  • For situations where the only means of communication is the use of the infrastructure of a mobile operator, Revenga Ingenieros has developed an integrated communications system with intercom, paging and messaging graphics available.



Parla Tram, Velez-Malaga Tram, Murcia Tram (phase 1), ETS (paging, remote indicators and monitors), suburban Malaga Alora, Antalya Tramway, LVEF, Renfe (Bilbao and San Sebastian), ADIF (Vitoria) SFM.