Revenga Türkiye, the Turkish practice of Grupo Revenga (GR), a global developer and manufacturer of railway systems, integrated communications solutions, information technologies, and electronic security, will be present at Eurasia Rail 2016. At the event, which takes place in Istanbul from March the 3rd through the 5th, Revenga will showcase its new railway solutions: RailXcan and Metro Engine.

RailXcan, an integrated and real time rolling stock condition monitoring wayside platform, collects the information regarding the train elements that could affect normal service operation. The System is very comprehensive, and enables the integration of the following inspection systems into a single integrated solution: Dragging Equipment Checking System (DECS), Hot Axle Bearing Detector, Clearance Gauge Checking System, Pantograph Checking System, Wheel impact load detector/Flat Wheel Detector and Weigh in Motion, Wheel Measurement system, VMS (Video Monitoring system) and Others such as RHTM, ABD, SFD, or OFD.

On the other hand, Metro Engine, GRT´s integrated mass transit communications and control platform that, as increasingly required by operators around the world, includes the entire value chain in a large mass transit deployment: design and adaptation of the platform to the specific needs of any given operator, engineering, manufacturing, implementation, roll out and maintenance. The system includes three distinctive layers: services to the final user (interphone, public address, and information systems), internal operator systems (telephony, video surveillance, access control and station control systems), and telecommunication networks (fix ed network, radio network and ground-train network). Finally, all systems and services included in Metro Engine are managed from a Central Control Station as well as from other secondary control stations according to the needs of each operator.

“Eurasia 2014 marks our eighth year in Turkey and we are extremely satisfied with the evolution and performance of our local practice. Turkey, one of Europe´s top railway, transportation infrastructure and technology markets, has been very welcoming for us, showing great interest in our technology and choosing GR to perform some of the most critical deployments in its high-speed network ,” said Arturo Revenga, CEO of GR. “Turkish officials are wisely looking for quality, reliability and forward thinking technology, and our solutions for high speed, metro, tramway and conventional railway provide just that,” concluded Mr. Revenga.

GR, with over 40 years of experience and projects deployed in 15 countries, is present in Turkey, a country of great strategic relevance for the Company, since 2006 when it launched Revenga Türkiye. Revenga Türkiye, now participating in the high speed project of Ankara-Istanbul and the world reference Marmaray project (partnering with Siemens-OHL) as well as in Eskisehir-Balikesir (Alstom), Hasanbey (Siemens) and Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak (Yapi Merkezi), keeps rapidly growing in the country. Point-heaters, passenger information systems, railway inspection systems and IR inspection solutions for rail networks are the solutions proposed by the Company at the Fair. These products and solutions have already been or are being successfully deployed in the Turkish railway network.